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United Airlines rips off passengers, working people, and taxpayers

United Airlines abuses and humiliates paying customers—just imagine how their subcontracted workers are treated. Passengers are paying more for less, workers struggle on poverty wages, and taxpayers subsidize United’s profits. The abuse must stop.

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“We know the money is there. Our jobs used to be good jobs. We’re pumping huge profits into United—but we’re barely making enough to make ends meet.”

Raquel Brito, Baggage Handler for a United Airlines Contractor

  • United profits from 2015 & 2016:  $9 billion
  • United CEO Oscar Muñoz 2015 compensation: $18.7 million 
  • United Airlines 2015 & 2016 tax credits: $1.5 billion
  • United tax subsidies since 2000: $50 million
  • United federal loans, loan guarantees and bailout assistance since 2000: nearly $69 million.

United Airlines uses low-road contractors that pay workers poverty wages.

United Airlines profits off nickel and diming passengers by overbooking flights, increasing baggage fees and soon to be overhead bin fees.

United Airlines takes advantage of taxpayers with tax credits and other federal subsidies.

Airport workers—the majority of whom are immigrants and people of color—helped generate a record $9 billion in profit for United over the past two years, and we keep our airports running safely and smoothly. But most airport workers live in households paid less than $25,000 a year, which means we qualify for public assistance to pay for basic necessities like food, health care and housing. This means that taxpayers—who have already paid United millions in subsidies—are boosting the airline’s bottom line yet again.

A surefire way to improve customer satisfaction is to make sure ramp workers, wheelchair attendants, cabin cleaners and other airport service workers are paid a decent wage and have the freedom to form a union. Good jobs for airport workers reduces turnover and improves service.

It’s time for United to respect travelers and make sure airport workers can provide for our families. Join us in holding United accountable.


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